Dildos and Marriage

98112754My wife and I are big fans of sex toys (shock horror!). We love pleasuring each other with various vibrators and toys and are always up for something new. We had tried several double-ended dildos before, but were always left a little unsatisfied with either not enough length, or so much it left us far away from each other. We have also tried strap on toys, but dislike how it always feels like one of us is left out of the real fun.

So when we were looking for a new toy online we knew the only place to shop online was SexToys247.net.au (click to visit SexToys247.net.au) – we had both bought there before, and when browsing we

Feel Attracted Towards Younger Women – You Just Can’t Do Without These 4 Important Tips

imagesIt goes without saying that older men have better social skills compared to younger women and thus are perceived as desirable by the latter. However, it is important for them to avoid any kind of emotional investment in younger women as it often results in devastating situations. There are some important tips any man can use to constantly attract younger women towards him.

How to attract younger women

These tips work regardless of one’s age gap or looks.

Learn to be yourself – You need to be comfortable in your own skin and must not put up a different face only because you want to impress someone younger. Please remember that you can be both cool and confident just as

Tenga Eggs

ss-1000000164Like any guy I like to masturbate. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember, and I’ll be doing it for as long as I can. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be exactly the same every time, and to be honest I was getting a little tired of the same old same old. I had thought about trying a stroker to make masturbating more enjoyable before, but had always found an excuse to put it off.

Video on the Tenga Eggs

FAQ by Tenga
Tenga FAQ on the Eggs

Still, it seemed like it would be a good idea, and after reading about Tenga strokers in a magazine I decided to give it a

Can a Marriage Survive Infidelity?

marriedwomenYour marriage has been touched by infidelity. What’s next? Whether or not a marriage can survive infidelity depends largely on the willingness of both partners to commit to saving the marriage. Repairing a marriage after infidelity is painful and difficult, but possible.

If you were the one who strayed END the affair and be honest with your wife. It will be less embarrassing for her to hear the truth from you than from someone else. Expect her to be angry, hurt and to have a lot of questions; be prepared to answer everything she asks and allow her to be angry. Take responsibility for what you have done, tell her how you plan to make it right and don’t expect

Top 3 Must-Follow Tips When Dating Older Women

downloadSo, you’ve reached a dead-end when it comes to dating girls your age, and are slowly progressing towards relationships with older and mature women. There is something extremely sexy, sophisticated and mature about older women which is irresistible to say the least.

Cougar dating tips video

I’m really not surprised when I see every Tom, Dick and Harry chasing older woman nowadays! Older women are often able to match the intimacy level and intelligence young men miss so much in younger women. In this short article, I’ll acquaint you with top 3 must-follow tips when dating older women. Let’s start!

Discover places where you can find them – Quality older women can never be found in your regular bars and

Getting Bigger With The Bathmate HydroMax X40

pha067000051Though it is embarrassing to admit to, I will say that I have a small penis. Or at least I used to. I had long ago accepted this, and come up with many coping techniques like always making love in the dark so she wouldn’t see…the problem is she would always feel. I got the emails that said they could enlarge my penis with pills, and that sounded scary. I heard about surgical techniques and that sounded even scarier.

Then I came across an article for the Bathmate HydroMax X40 Crystal Clear. It promised clinical proven results, and a new method using water pressure instead of air, to increase both the length and girth of penis. I easily found one

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Inflatable Sphincter Stretcher

cv-1835910007I had always heard stories about how great a prostate massage was and how it made you climax like nothing else, but the small sized plugs I had played with never reached quite far enough and the big ones scared me.

The problem is that I have a lot of difficulty getting them inside me. It doesn’t matter how much lube I use I just can’t do it. That’s why when I saw this Fetish Fantasy Extreme Inflatable Sphincter Stretcher online at my local erotic toy shop, I knew it was the perfect toy for me. It’s as small as one of my normal butt plugs that I’m used to, and easy to insert.

All I have to do is

How to Communicate With Your Wife

bed-man-womanMen and women have different communication styles, which leads to conflict in many marriages. To have a fulfilling relationship with your wife you must learn how to overcome your differing communication styles and effectively talk to one another.

How to Communicate Better With Your Wife

Learn how to communicate with your wife by following these few simple steps.

  1. Set aside time specifically for talking with your wife. Instead of turning on the T.V. as soon as you get home from work, try spending twenty minutes talking to your wife about your day. This is a great way to reconnect after being apart during the day. Or have dinner together at the table with no electronic distractions.
  2. Actively listen. Don’t zone

How to Make Older Women Approach You?

headshot1So, you’re desperate about meeting older women? I see where you’re coming from bud! Although I personally prefer dating damsels, none of us can deny that there’s a whole lot of sexy women in the age bracket of 30 years and more.

Take on it from Layan Bubbly

Furthermore, considering all sorts of cosmetic procedures that are available nowadays, older women look much hotter than their younger counterparts. Younger men dating older women is becoming common nowadays and is also receiving a great amount of positive attention world over.

Anyone who wants to date older women can do it easily without worrying about social perceptions or embarrassment. In fact, there are some important tricks you can take help of, in

Five Finger Massage Glove

cv-1244280005I wanted to treat my wife to something special for the bedroom, but knew that if I picked the wrong thing it would totally backfire on me. It had to be something just for her, but a vibrator wasn’t her style, and I’ve gotten her tons of massage oils and lotions in the past, so I didn’t want to just repeat that even though she loves getting a good massage.

However, that did give me an idea, and I went online searching for something that I could use to give her a nice rub down, like a massaging wand.

Instead I found something way cooler, that lets me massage my wife with powerful vibrations, and keeps my hands on her.