Dildos and Marriage

98112754My wife and I are big fans of sex toys (shock horror!). We love pleasuring each other with various vibrators and toys and are always up for something new. We had tried several double-ended dildos before, but were always left a little unsatisfied with either not enough length, or so much it left us far away from each other. We have also tried strap on toys, but dislike how it always feels like one of us is left out of the real fun.

So when we were looking for a new toy online we knew the only place to shop online was SexToys247.net.au (click to visit SexToys247.net.au) – we had both bought there before, and when browsing we both were immediately drawn to the Double Delight. It took what we liked about strap-ons and double ended dildos and combined them, and got rid of all the qualities we disliked. The ingenious design keeps the dildo in the perfect position, and lets the wearer of the harness thrust into their partner as hard or softly as they want. In turn with each thrust, both of us get to enjoy a full sized dildo. We both love the feel of the dildo with its curved shaft and lots of ridges and veins, but also how it allows us to enjoy many positions like missionary, doggy style, and lots of others too.

It is refreshing to have a toy that we can both enjoy together, and I love that about the Double Delight. We take turns wearing the harness, because it is a different feeling altogether being on the receiving end than it is to be the one in control.

If you are curious to introduce this into your bedroom you can find it online.

A funny example of dildo marriage ..