My Wife Loves A Spanking

tumblr_mrhmku5TyC1rpqy2eo1_1280For as long as we’ve been together, and it’s been a long time, my wife has liked me to give her a smack on the ass. Just around the house, and as a joke, but last year I started to give her a little spank sometimes while we were having sex, and it drove her wild. As time passed and her reaction proved more and more positive, I increased the spanking until she was over my knee and we were both having a good time.

It didn’t take long for us to start wondering about ways to make it a little more exciting, so I went to my favourite online sex store. I found lots of items, but was drawn to the Black Rose Sultry Spanker, truth be told because I knew she would like the purple and black combination. When it came it was more than I was hoping for with two distinct sides. One side was a firm leather while the other was soft and plush. It was lighter than I thought it would be and easy to yield, and it made me glad it came with the braided wrist strap so it wouldn’t be flying across the room.

It was a lot of fun to use, I started off slowly, alternating between the two sides. It was so good that I think I’m going to go back online and order up some of the matching accessories for the Spanker, like the Black Rose Kinky Kuffs and the Black Rose Budding Blinder.

It might be a bit awkward at first ..