Picking the Right Butt Plug

couple-love-sex-kiss-bed-410x290_0Playing with a butt plug can be extremely pleasurable whether enjoyed as part of masturbation, added to foreplay, or left inserted during intercourse. There are a plethora of plugs on the market, ranging from small beginners models to larger advanced toys, and choosing the right plug comes down to its purpose and personal preference.

Size and Shape Determine Sensation

The size and shape determine how a plug will feel. The larger the plug is the more stretched out it will leave the anus feeling, and the more difficult it will be to insert. Beginners should look for small sized plugs that are tapered for easier insertion, with an adequate stop at the bottom to prevent the plug from being inserted too far inside.


Silicone is a popular choice because it is flexible and soft, and its antibacterial properties make it easy to keep sanitary. Glass is also quickly becoming a standard because it’s dense weight adds a pleasing sensation inside.

The Showy Plug

Some people love the way a plug looks as much as it feels, and there are plenty of plugs available that will add a little extra to a backside view. Specialty plugs exist with a variety of handles made to resemble anything from a role to a horses tail.

When choosing a plug it must be comfortable in order to be enjoyable. So choose one that is an appropriate size and material. Plugs exist for almost every budget, and there are literally thousands to choose from online. Buy online and save!