Tenga Eggs

ss-1000000164Like any guy I like to masturbate. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember, and I’ll be doing it for as long as I can. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be exactly the same every time, and to be honest I was getting a little tired of the same old same old. I had thought about trying a stroker to make masturbating more enjoyable before, but had always found an excuse to put it off.

Video on the Tenga Eggs

FAQ by Tenga
Tenga FAQ on the Eggs

Still, it seemed like it would be a good idea, and after reading about Tenga strokers in a magazine I decided to give it a try. Although I was intrigued with the Tenga Egg Variety Pack (6 In 1), they were disposable, and I wanted something I could use more than six times. So I opted for the Tenga Flip Hole Silver and have been extremely happy. I also picked up Tenga Hole Warmer  and some Tenga Hole Lotion Real to work with it.

It’s easy to use and feels incredible. To prep the Tenga Flip Hole I open it up and insert the Tenga Hole Warmer that I’ve already warmed up in a bowl of hot water. After a few minutes I take it out and  spread in some of the Hole Lotion and close the lid and it’s ready to use. I just slip inside and press the button and its vacuum suction action does all the work for me. It feels incredible because it’s warm and has lots of lube to make it feel just right, plus it works me better than any girl has ever done.